Monday, July 19, 2010

New blog address!

My thanks to everyone for your continued support and making the switch to the new blog address!

Here is a Style 4 from the latest batch, shipped out to its new home in France last week;

Workbench close up.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Andreas Aase Live

I first met Andreas Aase on the old IGS forum back in 2007, through a mutual love of acoustic lap slide guitars. Somehow I ended up building him a reproduction of my favorite 1927 Style 1, and during the construction process, Andreas was kind enough to send me out a copy of his latest record. I remember after the first time I heard "Unu" I felt absolutely stunned - Andreas is the kind of artist who breaks what you thought you knew about how an instrument could sound.

One of my favorite things about this album is the quote inside the cover art, talking about how it was recorded after the town was asleep. For me, this is the music that fills my shop long after everyone else has gone home, and work into the night.

Although Andreas' Style 1 was made long after the recording of Unu, Andreas sent through an Live Mp3 of one of my favorite tracks from the album, Age Fang, and it's with great privilege that I share it with you; (playing starts about 1.30 in - well worth the wait!)

Andreas with his Style 1;

Go to road gear; (from left) 1934 Gibson Mandolin, Arnt Rian Guitar Bouzouki, Tony Francis Style 1 Hawaiian, Lowden Acoustic;

This recording is one that Andreas made right after he took delivery of his Style 1;

I really want to thank Andreas for being so kind to allow me to share these pictures and his wonderful music here on my blog. Andreas is as kind and genuine a person one could hope to meet, and making him the Style 1 was a real honor. Be sure to check out his Website and Myspace;