Purchase Info / Contact

Contact info:

Tony Francis Instruments
PO Box 6079
Marion Square
Wellington 6141
Aotearoa / New Zealand

Shop location by appointment.

Purchasing an instrument: 

If you are interested in having a guitar made for you, please feel free to email. I will get back to you with the relevant information, options, pictures and prices.
If you would like to order an instrument or part that is in stock, please email or call to make sure the instrument or part you want is still available. 
An extensive range of pickups and accessories are also available by request. 

Terms of purchase:

To firm an order on my wait list, a minimum deposit is required. 
Standard terms are 50% deposit, with balance plus shipping at time of delivery. 
Or, 1/3 deposit, 1/3 mid way to completion and balance plus shipping at time of delivery.
Flexible payment options for your hand made instrument are also available by request.
Deposit refundable at the discretion of Tony Francis Instruments. 

For all other items such as strings, accessories, hardware, parts and cases etc. must be paid for in full before they are delivered.

Payment through PayPal, Bank Transfer or Check by request.


For all instruments and and items of a sensitive nature, all shipments via DHL Express. 
For strings, accessories, hardware or parts, shipment via NZ Post. Any customs duties or taxes are the purchasers responsibility.
All items exceptionally well packaged.


Tony Francis instruments are made to be the finest reproduction available and as such are guaranteed against faulty workmanship and material for life. Upon notice of any defect, The Tony Francis Instruments will repair or replace, at their option and discretion, any defective part or material. Purchaser is responsible for all shipping costs (to and from the shop) of the repaired guitar.
This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear to the instrument or items such as fretboards, tuners, nuts and saddles that will wear or require adjustments due to normal use.
Damage incurred by misuse, accidents or natural cracking of finishes or wood due to changes in temperature and humidity is not covered under this warranty.
Damage incurred during shipping is not covered under this warranty.
The subjective opinion of tone is not covered under this warranty.
Being proper reproductions, the guitars are built to maximize tone and playability - using anything heavier than the recomended gauge strings over an extended period of time will void this warranty.
No other written or oral warranty applies.
Valid only to the original owner.